we *
owners and pilots
of 'Lady Diamond'
based EDMK & EDNL

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  (AM, WD, RE, HH)
celebrate ...
... buying the DA40 F-GNJY from Aéro-Club d’Orléans et du Loiret, Saint-Denis de L'Hôtel, LFOZ:

... naming our plane D-EHMD 'Lady Diamond':

... flying together:

... arriving somewhere, e.g. here in LJPZ:

... being back home healthy, here on a birthday:

and enjoy ...
... driving the crew car in Italy:

... Italian pasta after arrival there (Boscomantico LIPN, with junior pilot Alex**):

... Mediterranean atmosphere anyway, here in Piran, Slovenia:

... mild Southern nights (preferably on Tartini's roof terrace after dinner and after strolling the promenade):

... being happy after having been lucky (yet again):

* CockPit-Vereinigung Allgäu

** addition 2018: Alexander Hätscher meanwhile Pilot in Command and full-fledged CPVA member, here at an international airport:

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