selected views from and to Mike-Delta
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Kempten-Durach EDMK 25

Kapfenberg LOGK 07

Zell am See LOWZ 08

Innsbruck LOWI 08

St. Johann LOIJ 31

Friedrichshafen EDNY 24

Konstanz EDTZ 30 (© Manfred Below,Warpe)

Locarno LSZL 26R

Sion LSGS 25

Sion LSGS short final 25

Portorož LJPZ right base 33

Portorož LJPZ long final 33

Portorož LJPZ short final 33

Brač LDSB 04

Siófok-Kiliti LHSK turning final 33

Siófok-Kiliti LHSK short final 33

Propriano LFKO base 27

Calvi LFKC downwind 36

Friedrichshafen EDNY (above base 24)

Trento LIDT base 36

Trento LIDT 36

some scud running, Pfälzer Wald
(marginal weather piloting: only if you feel wellfounded safe and comply with your hopefully drawn up limits!)

Transalp formation flight, here overhead Bichlbach, Austria, heading WNW
Never try that without 100% knowing where you are and what you do next !! Do not rely on GPS, synthetic vision etc.
(and as leading pilot of a formation - see mirror - you have to know all 200% - at least)
despite locally X-ray conditions, the flight was legal (otherwise we wouldn't have performed it)


North of Verona, Italy

Oberschwaben, Baden-Württemberg

Sauerland, Nordrhein-Westfalen

Donau, Bayern

Lago di Garda


Kochelsee, Walchensee

Forggensee, Lech, Huttlerweiher

Öschlesee, EDMK right base 35

Aichstetten, Lkr. Ravensburg

Southern Alps, Verona, Italy

Zugspitze (© Manfred Below, Warpe)

near Sedrun, Switzerland

high alp, Switzerland

Sion, Switzerland

Bonifacio, Corsica

D-EHMD overhead Venezia-Lido, LIPV


Venice (another time)

D-EHMD overhead Bodensee

South of Plöckenpass (Passo di Monte Croce Carnico), Italy

D-EHMD crossing the Alps southbound

Mali Lošinj LDLO

Helgoland Düne EDXH

Innsbruck LOWI

Isny/Allgäu glider airfield

happy day in Mike-Delta's life: first landing on grass at home, escorted and surveyed by FI RE (in Alpha-Mike)

approaching Leutkirch-Unterzeil EDNL

Leutkirch EDNL downwind 24


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